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Around the globe, goods made in Italy are renowned for their craftsmanship, attention to detail, creativity, design and lines. In food, beverages, and fashion a "Made in Italy" trump card is the emotion Italian goods generate in cuisine lovers, wine and beverage tasters, and fashion buyers. It is of little wonder that despite the global economic downturn, "Made in Italy" exports are increasing.


Practicing informed compliance and adapting to the rules and regulations of markets you are trying to enter is fundamental to earning a good reputation with consumers and government regulatory agencies. The rules of origin applied by U.S. Customs are different from the Italian rules of origin. According to court decisions handed down by the Italian Supreme Court, you can place an Italian flag or write Italy or Made in Italy on a product if it is used to indicate that an Italian entrepreneur is behind the creation and design phases of the product, while the actual manufacturing aspect can occur anywhere in the world. This is diametrically opposes to the Origin Rules of US 19 CFR Part 134,1 applied by U.S. Customs which state that, with the exception of NAFTA goods, substantial transformation confers origin.


In 2009, the Italian government passed executive decree nr. 135 dated September 25, 2009 which distinguishes between goods "Made in Italy" and "goods made entirely in Italy." The U.S. origin and marking rules are similar to the Reguzzoni law (law number 55, dated April 8, 2010) which were meant to protect textile goods, leather goods, and footwear made by the Italian textile, wearing apparel, and furniture manufacturers. Parts of the Reguzzoni law regarding labelling and product traceability are similar to US FTC and US CPSC laws and to US Customs origin regulations based on substantial transformation.


When exporting "Made in Italy" to the North America, be sure to respect North American rules, regulations, and standards, and know the cultural aspects of the market you are trying to enter. McNeese Customs & Commerce srl can give you a strategic advantage in knowing and understanding the market to export the Italian Lifestyle successfully.