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Our clients choose us for our experience in overseas markets. Each of or principal partners has lived, studied, and worked in the USA and Europe for nearly 50 years per partner which results in us being able to offer our clients detailed market knowledge. The "one size fits all approach" is not the approach our clients are seeking; and therefore, our services are "made to measure" by client. As a consequence of our support, our clients enter foreign markets more rapidly and attain sustainable growth.


To successfully place in a foreign market requires that you understand the local culture, rules and market standards. Knowledge is power and at McNeese we give you that power.  McNeese uses the synergies which derive from an interdisciplinary approach and intercultural experience to create a genuine competitive advantage.


Those who choose McNeese as their market access facilitator do so because they believe in the McNeese international business approach, which is based on a lean to the point Business Plan, while covering everything from a market analysis to import-export regulatory aspects. Our Business Plan for you includes specific targets to be reached within specific time periods. Our services are competitive and affordable.


The USA - a very competitive market requiring extensive preparation:


The United States is the world's largest economy with a market of over 300 million people with better than average disposable income. Exporters desiring to enter the U.S. market should keep in mind that the U.S. is a major supplier of goods and services for both its own domestic markets and for markets around the world.  There is no single "U.S. market" since the U.S. is made up of markets segmented by geography, income bracket, industry, and many other factors. For example products may need to be altered for different climatic regions. McNeese can help you identify the right U.S. markets for your products. Exporters should remember the variety of markets in the USA and need to focus on those areas where their company has a competitive advantage over domestic U.S. and foreign competition.


Once you identify "your" market, you need to be aware of the impediments of tariff and non-tariff barriers. Non-tariff barriers (NTBs) are government imposed compliance regulations, other than tariffs, that controls market access. As free trade agreements lower or eliminate tariffs, it becomes more important to address non-tariff measures that can be used to keep products out of the market. Government requirements for product tests and certifications are known as technical barriers to trade (TBTs). McNeese can assist you with your compliance efforts to facilitate market access.



The European Union - a Big Single Customs Union:


When you export to or within the European Union (EU), you are entering a market of 500 million consumers in 28 countries. A cornerstone of the EU is the free movement of goods, which allows goods to be transported and sold freely across the EU. Many, but not all, national laws and regulations have been replaced by a single set of European directives, reducing costs and compliance burdens. Although the EU market is integrated and a harmonized Customs tariff exists, different Customs jurisdictions interpret the European Customs Code and Harmonized Tariff differently. Therefore, where you choose to incorporate your business within the EU, where you Customs clear your goods, and with whom you partner up in which national jurisdiction can have a big impact on your bottom line.


The EU should not be viewed as one "single market," but as 28 individual markets in one Customs Union. Tastes in England are different from tastes in Italy. Technical standards in Germany may be different from technical standards in Greece. At McNeese, we can help you determine which markets are best suited for your products, which technical standards must be complied with, and what Customs points of entry will facilitate the movement of your goods within the EU.


Whether you are considering exporting to North America, Europe or within Europe, McNeese Customs & Commerce srl invites you to send us a brief email at summarizing your market access interests, so we can get back to you in a timely and concise manner.


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