Why McNeese

McNeese means Certified & licensed excellence

Qualified Support

The short answer is McNeese Customs & Commerce srl provides a unique certified international market access service. Everyone of our services is a Market Access Tool backed by tried and tested international trade experts. The two main partners have nearly 50 years of experience each of experience in living, studying, and working in the USA and Europe. Thinking on a "North American level" and on a "European level" means we are best suited to help you identify and develop market opportunities on a Continental Level (USA & Canada, the European Union).


The main parnter is a Licensed U.S. Customs broker and is trained by the European Union DG Taxation and Customs Union, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Institute of World Business Law in Paris, France. Both partners have World Customs Organization (WCO) training received in Brussels. We are active in international standards setting bodies and trade organizations. Our partners have advanced degrees from universities and higher education institutes in the USA and Europe and have worked for years in the USA and Europe. Visiting a country for work or pleasure does not give you the same insight as when you actually have to earn your living there; thereby learning and becoming part of the system. The languages we speak, read and write are English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. Our experience enables us to give you rapid and in-depth market insight giving You a Competitive Advantage.


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