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Regulatory compliance is not optional" but it is obligatory; therefore, it only makes good business sense for a company to invest in an properly functioning compliance program. Compliance generally means that one's business actions conform to the statutory standards (known as objective standards). At McNeese Customs & Commerce srl we assist exporters and importers to be aware of the regulations Customs enforces on its own behalf and on behalf of other government agencies so that you are not unknowingly non compliant. Once you inform yourself, be sure to maintain accurate compliance data as defined by law, which can be used for the purpose of implementing or validating compliance. Compliance data is all data that is relevant to a corporate governance officer, a regulatory government officer, or to a court of law for the purposes of validating compliance quality. Is your compliance quality reliable or unreliable? If it is not reliable, could the damages from these risks sink your export business or cause your whole organization to go under? Do you know what compliance risks your business is exposed to? Remember the legal rule "Ignorantia legis neminem excusat" (ignorance of the law is not an excuse that holds in a court of law).



  • Avoiding the Government's Big Legal Sledgehammer. If you do not want your balance sheet to get hammered for non-compliance, it might be a good investment to inform yourself with a regulatory expert before exporting or importing.
  • The value of your time. Is your time better spent in your core activities or spending time with lawyers, government prosecutors, and judges?
  • Compliance conflicts are expensive. You lose the moment the government blocks your goods for inspection. You cannot recover lost sales, or easily replace goods damaged in a test laboratory or government inspection warehouse, nor can you recover legal fees. Your reputation with the authorities and the consumers is hard to earn and easy to lose with your customers and the government.
  • Protect the Board of Directors and Upper Management. Effective compliance programs show upper management is concerned with its legal responsibilities.
  • Protect your Supply Chain. While you litigate with the government or simply try to fix a compliance issue, your supply chain develops bottlenecks.
  • Compliance is not optional. It is a legal requirement of doing business, so compliance equals "smart business".
  • Compliance programs generate synergies and savings. An effective compliance program also protects your company from waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Government expulsion order. The government can place an importer or exporter on a Black List or Expulsion List and once you are on it, good luck getting off it.
  • The Good News: An effective compliance regulatory program can help prevent these disasters. An effective compliance program can be used as a mitigating circumstance if a violation occurs, while if you do not have a compliance program the government can use it as an aggravating circumstance.

The Benefits of a Regulatory Compliance Program

  1. Avoid being placed on a government agency Black List.
  2. Avoid loss of exporting-importing privileges. The State's attorney will push for revoking a repeat offender's import-export privileges.
  3. Create competitive advantage in selling your goods to customers. Customers do not want to buy a product that may be recalled.
  4. Protect and strengthen your brand reputation.
  5. Maintain goodwill with governments (legislators and regulators).
  6. Reduce insurance costs.
  7. Get paid faster and on time because your goods get faster to your customer.
  8. Avoid and reduce litigation costs.
  9. Avoid and reduce management disruption from litigation, investigations, or compliance crises.
  10. Government imposed compliance (a.k.a. "enforced compliance") is more burdensome than "voluntary compliance".
  11. Avoid loss of stock market value - litigation is bearish on share prices.
  12. Avoid government court orders prohibiting your from doing business in the market they regulate.

McNeese Customs & Commerce srl can support you in your regulatory compliance efforts.



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